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The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the 1° pressing of Olives. To obtain an unparalleled product, making mechanical cold extraction, so that all properties of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil are not lost.There is no procedure or handling of chemical additives, which should be to affect the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, unlike with which are extracted inbounds seed oils (flax, soybean, peanut, etc.).Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contains vitamins E, A, K, D that have antioxidant properties and protective effect on the cells of the organism. All excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil must have a level of less than 0.8% acidity (0.8 gram per 100 g).




Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for those in search of Naturalness ... The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is produced with olives coming from organic farming, this Virgin olive oil meets the need of those who chose the path of nature, respect for the land and the search for lost atmospheres and times.With passion and enthusiasm, with the experience and the knowledge passed down for three generations, the Oleificio Cartechini produces extra-virgin olive oil of high quality, full of intense flavors and delicate, which unleash the aromas of a land ... brands, respectful of its deep traditions.

the Marche (region of Central Italy ), respectful of its deep traditions.

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The Marche in New York for a trip to taste! 

Special promotion for the Marche Region in New York City, which took place throughout the month of October 2012 in the temples of Italian gourmet food and wine.

Oleificio Cartechini participated with great enthusiasm and completed with its Oil, special menus enhanced by the skill of the chef of Eataly.

Top Joe Bastianich, known for its great fame and for the program with Gordon Ramsay's "Master Chef".

October    2012


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Cartechini Oil Mill is in Montecassiano - Macerata (MC) in Collina 13/A street. You can contact our offices on working days from 8:30 AM till 12:30 PM and from 2:30 PM till 7:00 PM.

Phone / Fax: (+39) 0733-290940
Mobile: (+39) 329-4532204

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