The Perfection of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the 1° pressing of Olives. To obtain an unparalleled product, making mechanical cold extraction, so that all properties of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil are not lost.There is no procedure or handling of chemical additives, which should be to affect the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, unlike with which are extracted inbounds seed oils (flax, soybean, peanut, etc.).Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contains vitamins E, A, K, D that have antioxidant properties and protective effect on the cells of the organism. All excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil must have a level of less than 0.8% acidity (0.8 gram per 100 g).



Extra Virgin Olive Oil many times is discredited because "swapped" for other vegetable oils, such as (linseed oil, nut, soy ...) that oil dont have absolutely the same properties as an Extra Virgin Olive Oil …

Learn about better: How can you fry or store foods in oils as mentioned before?

The result would be a disaster ... as having double bonds, it has heat instability and oxidation.

Then the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, monounsaturated fats like many polyunsaturated fats, are characterized by a positive metabolic impact, because they are distinguished by the beneficial effect on blood lipid and, therefore, contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.Then we realized that the extra-virgin olive oil, made up mostly of monounsaturated fatty acids, with the right amount of linoleic fatty acid, polyphenols, vitamin E and beta carotene, makes Extra Virgin Olive Oil is particularly important for our health.

it's been scientifically verified that its constant use promotes a lowering "bad" cholesterol and a simultaneous increase of that "good" cholesterol, it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and artereosclerosis.

Of course we must not exceed amounts! and how is recommended in a balanced diet, are sufficient 10 grams of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for day), to season our dishes.

The Oleificio Cartechini recommend the use of this type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as daily nutrition support having a wide variety of aromas that make it a food that can be used in any type of kitchen.


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