Quality and Passion from Generations

The long story of "Cartechini Oil Mill" dates back to 1939 when Giuseppe Cartechini started the production of extra Virgin olive oil in a small room of his house located in Montecassiano a little village near the larger city of Macerata in the heart of Marche countryside. 

At that time Giuseppe had only at his disposal some simple "Molazze" spun around by a donkey and 2 wooden handed press pulled with the help of a cow.

The "Fiscoli" used to keep the olives paste were made of coconut fibers while the olive oil must was collected through a special procedure using the famous "Rasola" a steel cone-shaped tool.


Giuseppe became father of seven children but only one of them named Mario showed passion for the culture of the olive oil.

Mario inherited from his father the wisdom, the  experience and most important the love for this job.

Mario was able to treasured all the education about olive oil received from Giuseppe and passed it down for two generations till present time and it's thanks to the love and the passion for the olive oil that Cartechini's has become a brand synonym of quality and tradition.

When Mario was 27 got married with Giulia and after 2 years thanks to his passion for the food decided to open a bakery while for 3 months at year from October to January he continued to produce extra virgin olive oil which was sold at his shop all year around. Giulia in the meantime was taking care of their 7 children.

After some years spent running his bakery Mario decided to dedicate himself 100% at the production of extra virgin olive oil and after a lot of sacrifices and efforts, in 1979 the olive oil of Cartechini's family became a product appreciated locally for his quality.

Thanks to the results of his good job Mario was able to build a new olive oil mill that nowadays is the headquarters of Cartechini's. He chose only the best equipment for the olive oil production and thanks to that the company was able to face the challenging national market.

In that same year one of Mario' sons, Alessandro, got married with Maria Teresa, daughter of a local farmer and together moved just upstairs the production area of the olive oil mill.

The following year Maria Teresa gave birth to Marco and four years later she gave him a brother his name Roberto.

This two brothers are now young men and they are the ones who started to export Cartechini' s olive oil all over the world.

Like Mario did at that time, Marco e Roberto liked to spend time watching his father working in the family business.

During the late eighty's a vast amount of olives fruits was collected in jute sacks than stocked in a special area of the olive oil mill and Marco and Roberto spent time sitting on top of those sacks watching their father and their grandpa producing high quality olive oil, sometimes they even fell asleep during the process and Teresa often used to come down from the house to bring them to bed late at night.


Every now and then Roberto didn't want to go to school and played sick just to spend some time watching his grandpa working at the olive oil mill.

In 1994 Marco who developed passion and love for food enrolled at Cooking School in Loreto, where he stood out for his lively and rebellious attitude, for his creativity in cooking and for his ability in experience with new tastes and flavours.

During that time Marco attended classes in the morning and worked as a waiter in local restaurants in the weekends and sometimes he even worked as a restaurant manager abroad; thanks to those experiences he was able to bond with some important restaurants owners whom later on gave him the trust to work as a chef in their businesses allowing him to became an appreciated international chef.

Marco was requested to cook in many food events around the world from New York to Dubay.

Nowadays back in Italy permanently, Marco is the C.E.O of Cartechini's, he addressed his own company to the international market and with the respect of  quality and traditions he made the Cartechini's Extra Virgin Olive oil a symbol product for the Marche gastronomy.



Cartechini Oil Mill is in Montecassiano - Macerata (MC) in Collina 13/A street. You can contact our offices on working days from 8:30 AM till 12:30 PM and from 2:30 PM till 7:00 PM.

Phone / Fax: (+39) 0733-290940
Mobile: (+39) 329-4532204

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